La Liga Iberoamericana in English

The Ibero-American League of Civil Society Organizations “La Liga” is a private non profit institution, currently involving 31 organizations from 18 Ibero-American countries, which are specialized in human, social and community development. The League was legally established in December 1999 in Santiago de Compostela (Spain), according to Spanish legislation.

In 2019 we celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Mrs.Alejandra Solla, La Liga Iberoamericana CEO, Mrs. Rebeca Grysnpan SEGIB. Mr. Enrique Arnanz Fundación Esplai President.


Contribute, jointly with other actors of civil society, to the generation of proposals to fight poverty and social exclusion, for the development of societies that aim at human well-being, respect for human rights and the dignity of the individual.

Human Values

  • Human rights
  • Interculturality
  • Equity

Network settings

  • Independence
  • Transparency
  • Pluralism
  • Quality
  • Cooperation, collaboration and horizontal relationship
  • Sustainability
  • Participation
  • Innovation
  • Dignity
  • Non-discrimination
  • Democracy
  • Territorial Defense
Jóvenes participantes en la Semana por los Derechos de la Juventud 2014.

Young participants in «Semana por los Derechos de la Juventud 2014».

Cross-field approach

  • Cross-field approach of working methodologies to promote social changes.
  • Technical assistance to regional Governments in childhood, youth and labour issues.
  • Evaluation and monitoring programs.

Public policies incidence

  • Experience and skills to manage child and youth programs, focused in human rights. We also offer the possibility of dialogue with governments for developing and support in quality public policies.
  • Engagement in local, national and international third sector networks of La Liga Iberoamericana organizations.


  • Institutional empowerment.
  • Methodology development for scaling projects and transform them into systems.

Trainers training in future jobs and ICT

  • We are specialized in long life learning social and emotional cross-curricular skills training and development.
  • Innovative processes development for trainers training.
  • Knowledge generation and innovative work models, with a high transforming impact in work and educative systems.

Please contact us for more information: idelpozo@fundacionesplai.org